Why Quick Jo

Quick Jo Empowers entrepreneurs to connect with pros who can help them do more with less. Quick Jo match the people looking for a service with the most suitable providers. It offers a communication system which allows buyers and sellers to discuss directly and receive the notification whenever they have new messages. Thus, they can constantly communicate until the ordered Job is finished. Quick Jo aims to bring satisfaction to both buyers and sellers. Once a seller finishes his Job and delivers to buyer, the buyer can choose to accept the work and change the status of the Job to Order Finished, then he can write a review for that seller. If he is not happy with the job, he may send a dispute request to admin. For Buyers, Quick Jo helps them monitor all Jobs easily. Sellers can change the status of a Job (active, pause or archived) based on his schedule. When a Job is paused, it won’t be available for orders, so he won’t be overwhelmed with the workload and can also keeps his reputation.

July 10, 2021